Standard Units



UES Compact SE Hot melt Unit

Picture of a UES Compact SE hot melt unit

Wellknown COMPACT technology with easy-to-use control panel. It contains all necessary function. Reliable melter at economic purchase and operation costs.
• Tank volume 4 and 8 kg with similar compact dimensions.
• Meltingrate approx. 6 kg/h. (depending on glue type).
• Control of up to 4 hoses/guns.
• Separate tank and manifold heaters (2 zones).
• teflon coated casted alloy tank.
• Extra large tank opening with overfilling protection frame.
• Piston pump P14E (Ratio 14:1) with electrical switch over, fast and very silent.
• Standard electronic: Display of temperature, channels, scanfunction, stand-by-function (lowers temperature), protection of overheating, protection of pump release when temperature is too low.
• max. 3 digital outputs for integration into your PLC: ready, alarm, and low-level (optionally when glue-level control is installed).

Optional Equipment:
• Glue-level control
• PowerFill (Automatic glue or resin feeder)


UES Compact 2 Hot melt Unit

Picture of a UES Compact 2 hot melt unit
• Tank volume 4, 8 and 10 kg with similar compact dimensions
• Control of up to 7 hoses/guns
• Piston pump 14:1 (standard)
• Piston pump single action 10:1 (optional)
• Gear pump 2.5 up to 5 ccm/rev. (optionally available only in Compact2 10kg)
• Control of max. 16 Channels
• Glue level control
• Multilingual plain text display
• Large control panel for intuitive operation
• Weekly timer
• Digital in- and outputs for integration into your PLC
• Manual or automatic stand-by-mode
• Control of either Ni120 or Pt100 sensors
• Format selection of different application patterns with pre-heating function
• Pre-installed controller for automatic glue feeder PowerFill
• Overflow protection
• Ergonomically-designed construction for easy maintenance

Optional Equipment:
• PROFIBUS-Interface
• PowerFill (automatic glue feeder)

Picture of a UES Pluramelt hot melt unitUES Pluramelt Hot melt Unit

Various glue types, gear pump or piston pump, different tank sizes and variable heat output – with just one design? Impossible? Not at UES! Weather PUR, Polyethylene or Polyamide adhesives: With PluraMelt units you can use different materials without hesitation. Typical UES: Different applications require customised solutions. Therefore PluraMelt units provide the proven modular design:
Tank size: 18l or 25l
Pumps: 5.1, 7.3 or 10 cc/rev gear pumps, optional: piston pump: ratio 14:1
Sensor: PT 100, Compact/ProBlue compatible, optional: NI 120 with industrial connectors
Up to 6 hose connectors
Interchangeable tank plates
Because of their compact dimensions, the PluraMelt units may easily be attached to superior plants or even work as stand-alone systems. The intuitive control panel provides many features like weekly-timer program, preheating function, single channel shut-down to name but a few. 11 digital inputs and 8 digital outputs receive and send signals to control individual programs that may be stored for several applications. Thanks to the good communication possibilities the system can easily be controlled by a superior plant. The timer ensures readiness for operation just on time. Daily and weekly programs reduce downtimes to a minimum. The controller regulates two heating zones: the first heater melts the granules. Then the second zone heats the glue up to processing temperature. Thus the glue is treated carefully and prevented against cracking.