Hot melt Adhesives

Hot melt adhesives are very populair in gluing techniques, because they are very well modificable, so they will glue almost every substrate.
However hot melts demand special application equipment, with thermal adjustment possibility for heads, guns and hoses.


Picture of Preo and UES Hot melt units for the application of hot melt Picture of Pressure sensitive hot melt in silicone package
Hot melt units for the application of hot melt Pressure sensitive hot melt in silicone package


  • Very fast tack, that means hardly any drying time
  • Waterproof
  • Gluing possible of non poreuze materials
  • Optimal adjustable glue application
  • Very compact machinery, because only very short pressure sections are needed.
  • High machine speeds because of short pressure sections.
  • Reduction of the adhesives consumption.
  • Unlimited stock life (for most types of hot melt).
Picture of Hot melt in granulate shape Picture of a Hot melt application head
Hot melt in granulate shape Hot melt application head


Common terms

  • Hot tack
  • This is the tack of the hot melt in molten/fluid condition.
  • Open time
  • This is the effective time in which the hot melt should be used to bond materials together.
    Short open time: high machine speeds.
    Medium open time: average machine speeds, applications by hand.
    Long open time: slow machine speeds, applications by hand.

  • Machine open time
  • This is the time between application of the hot melt and putting the to be bonded materials by the machine together.
    Regarding the open time; Characteristics of hot melt is always based on to a constant machine speed.



Picture of Production of hot melt on a Sandvik machine Picture of Production of white hot melt on a Sandvik machine
Production of hot melt on a Sandvik machine (Photo Sandvik) Production of white hot melt on a Sandvik machine(Photo Sandvik)


Hot melt program
 Hot melt
 PUR hot melt
 Pressure Sensitive Hot melt
 Hot melt sticks
 Hot melt hand guns
 Hot melt in rolls and sheets

          Picture of hot melt sticksPicture of hot melt slugs Picture of hot melt pillows