Houtstra Adhesives

The available space at the Verspycklaan appeared, in despite the purchase of adjacent buildings soon insufficient. Attempts to solve this space problem with a total renovation and expansion of the existing complex, clashed with the plans of the municipality Naaldwijk. Instead we had to build a new plant at a new location with a ground surface of ??15.000 m², of which 13.500 m² would be used to built on. On 7 May 1979, the new plant was opened by Secretary of state Mr. K.H. Beyen. Proud builder Romke Houtstra had many years of preparation into it. Five years later, on May 9, 1984, he lost his life at the age of 55.The  international. In 1980, the third generation presented itself in the person of J. Romke Houtstra, grandson and namesake of the founder. In mid-1983 a sales office was openend in Germany and also a manufacturing unit in Greece. The company was eventually taken over by an international competitor in 1989. This was the end of 60 years of family business "Houtstra's Adhesives." To continue the long tradition Romke Houtstra jr. founded in 1990 his own company in adhesives "Intad Belgium BVBA".

History Houtstra Adhesives Factory; period 1979 - 1989