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  • Applications


Packaging, packing and paper converting industry

  • Wrap-around

  • Closing boxes
  • Inlining/glue-lap
  • Fill and close machines
  • Anti-slip for boxes and bags
  • Traysetting
  • Labeling of PE, PVC, PET bottles, tins, glass
  • Gluing of tax stamps on different materials
  • Gluing of straws on lemonade-packages
  • Gluing of Displays
  • Gluing of transparent/flexible Plastic packaging with transparent Pur Hotmelt
Hot melt for folding boxes
Hot melt for wrap-around


  • Perfect binding
  • Side gluing
  • Temporary gluing of reply cards in magazines
  • Temporary gluing of sample-bags in magazines
  • Two shot gluing
Perfect Binding hot melt
Bookbinding with hot melt


  • Labeling of Glass
  • Labeling of PET bottles
  • Labeling of tins
  • Labeling of PE
  • Labeling of PVC
Labeling of PE, PVC, PET and PP
Labeling of Glass

Construction/assembly industry

  • Gluing of foam materials (Polyether – Polyester – Latex)
  • Wood works
  • Gluing of different plastics and painted metal for car interiors
  • Gluing of all kind of plastics
  • Production of filters
  • Gluing of finishing profiles – for inner and outer applications (for example: roof profiles, kitchens, window profiles)
  • Production of mattresses
  • Profile wrapping with PVC-foil, Acryl-foil, decor-papers and venering with PUR hotmelt
  • Production of carpets
  • Gluing of artificial grass
Hot melt for mattresses
Hot melt for installing artificial grass (synthetic turf)


  • Cigarettess/cigars– filtertipping – gluing of softpack, hardpack, and - show boxes – tax stamps
  • Nonwoven – diapers – sanitary towels – hospital textile
  • Wax products for coating paper and cheese
  • Temporarily gluing of polystyreen moldings for the concrete industry